UPSC MAINS Philosophy Books

UPSC MAINS Philosophy Books

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Philosophy optional for UPSC IAS Mains

Philosophy is one of the subjects where one need wide and selective reading. It has the shortest syllabus with great scoring potentiality. The paper I of Philosophy optional deals with the Indian and Western philosophy. It is purely conceptual and there is no as such applied part. Aspirants cannot write their own philosophy. Paper II of Philosophy optional is extremely broad and contains themes of common interest. It deals with Socio-Political philosophy and Philosophy of Religion.

Philosophy optional books for UPSC exam/Books for philosophy optional UPSC/UPSC Philosophy syllabus books

Indian Philosophy

• An Introduction to Indian Philosophy- S Chatterjee
• A Critical Survey of Indian Philosophy- C Sharma

Western Philosophy

• A History of Philosophy-Frank Thilly
• A Critical History of Western Philosophy- Y Masih
• Contemporary Western Philosophy- Dr. B.K. Lal

Social-Political Philosophy

• An Introduction to Political Theory by O P Gauba

Philosophy of Religion

• Introduction to Religious Philosophy By Y Masih
• Philosophy of Religion by John H. Hick

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